Kitestring is proud to be associated with 'Reclaim Your Curves'. We will helping out in a small way with art and design for this organisation, and our favourite trade printer is covering the cost of most of the print requirements. Take a look at what a group of volunteers are doing to support our Aussie women. It truly amazing the energy and time that volunteers like Louise Turner from Reclaim Your Curves give to help others. If you'd like to add your support please contact Louise via their website.

Reclaim Your Curvesis an organisation in support of women facing mastectomy with a focus on life after breast cancer. Our vision is that all women are fully informed of their breast reconstruction options in a timely way. So our main objectives are to educate, inform and support women early in their diagnosis and throughout their long journey.

Reclaim Your Curves is becoming recognised by health professionals as a reliable and up to date resource putting the very latest technology and techniques into the hands of consumers. Our organisation is run by a team of volunteers who are motivated to support and connect with women in a variety of ways to help them to make informed and supported decisions about their future.

One of our key objectives is to address the very low rates of breast reconstruction in rural and remote locations of Australia. The main contributing factors is a lack of information and a lack of support. To connect with health professionals and consumers in these locations we are planning a rural roadshow across Australia to raise awareness of the latest techniques, information and support available… Read more at: