kitestring alert

A couple of clients have recently been approached by seemingly reputable companies claiming that their domain registration is running out. The costs are usually around the $200 mark and the domain name is usually instead of name Please check with your hosting company and keep a record handy of where and who you registered your domain name with. These scams have been running for years and don't appear to be going away soon. Why would they when people keep paying them piles of cash?

A detailed article on this subject can be found at


Domain name scams

When your .AU domain name licence falls due, a renewal notice will be forwarded to you by our office. Domain Registration Services' customers should be vigilant and wary of responding to anything that resembles an invoice that is not generated by our company.

In the past, a party with no connection to our company whatsoever has sent mass scam mail-outs to .COM.AU registrants in an attempt to solicit .COM.AU or .NET.AU registration business.

Many people were tricked by the scam and allowed their Australian domains to be transferred from our services and other registrars to the party in question without being aware that was what they were doing.