Over the past couple of years, during training on clients websites and exchanging WORD files, I've noticed that some are unaware of the use of some very useful keyboard strokes. The best thing is that these rules apply to almost any program or web editor.


Hard Return (or paragraph break)
A hard return is simply pressing the [RETURN or ENTER] key. It forces a line break as well adding whatever paragraph space has been set in the document or web article. (There is a hard return at the end of this sentence).

Soft Return (There is a soft return at the end of this Subhead)
A soft Return forces a line break without adding paragraph formatting and spacing. Simply use the [SHIFT] key at the same time as the [RETURN] key. IE: [SHIFT-RETURN]

One of the easiest ways to copy an image in a document is to [OPTION>Drag]. Ps:The [OPTION] key different on a PC. It is labelled the [ALT] key.

In my mind, this is the most important key of all, not so much in web editing but in WORD documents and other programs. When resizing an image or logo, holding the shift key down constrains the proportions. IE: it doesn't distort the image. Squashing images and logos is not a good look and all to often seen. In the JOOMLA!, the editor's default setting constrain proprtions, hence avoiding the issue.

We hope these simple tips help. Please call if you'd like any more information.

cheers Jeremy