10 years ago it was predicted that mobile internet usage would overtake desktop by 2014. The evidence is in... Last year 80% web browsing was done on smartphones. In November last year, 2.7 billion smartphones were connected around the world. (from a report by Ericsson)


In a survey by Google, 85% of people requested a more mobile friendly website experience.

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From an earlier blog in 2014...

Last year’s ACMA report included remarkable statistics on the increase in mobile phone internet use.

A recent article on their site included the following:

Growth in the use of mobile phone internet services has seen the largest increase across Australia, increasing by 36 percentage points at the national level in four years.

During the period December 2009 to December 2013, the proportion of the population using the internet via their mobile phone increased by:

  • 37 percentage points in major capital cities areas to 49 per cent
  • 37 percentage points in major urban areas to 46 per cent
  • 33 percentage points in urban areas to 41 per cent
  • 27 percentage points in non-urban areas to 32 per cent.

Regardless of location, between 80 and 91 per cent of mobile phone internet users also had a home internet connection, reinforcing the complementary nature of these services.
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It’s going to be interesting to see what this year’s ACMA report will show. Stay tuned.