It was great to see an article regarding the oversell of social Media for business marketing in a recent article in Tradetalk - a newsletter by the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC).
Extract: Professor Mark Ritson, University of Melbourne & Melbourne Business School.

Social Media is the greatest overselling in Marketing History.


  • Social Media is 5% of widgets
  • Social Media is <5% of impact
  • But it's getting 50% coverage

Social Media is for social interaction and not about the Brand. Social Media is about people talking to people.
The most common reason for using social network sites is catching up with friends and family (94%).


Using Social Media to follow brands and businesses to access offers and promotions was the top commercial reason (16%).

Marketing surveys also confirmed that Social Media isn't being used much for Brands

  • 66% of Australians are not actively following any brands on social media
  • Of the 34% who are, 83% follow less than 7 brands
  • The Average Australian consumer is exposed to 10,000+ brands a year
  • 94% of those consumers average less than 1 brand on Social Media

Therefore organisations should include Social Media as part of an integrated marketing plan which focuses on tightening their brand portfolio, targeting customers, working from tight, non generic positioning statements and brand tracking.

Thanks to Professor Mark Ritson and to the AITC.