From April the 21st, Google will make changes to the way it ranks sites, based on their mobile friendliness.

Should you worry about your site?

If your customers/users mainly browse your site from a desktop PC, then little will change. However, if your customers/users are using mobile devices to view your site, then this change to Google's algorithm could have a dramatic and negative effect on your rankings.

Some of website owners have spent a lot of time and money on SEO over that last year, but are still utilising a desktop only website. The quicker you move to change to a mobile friendly site, the less likely your competitors will leave you behind.

googletickWhatever you think of Google’s changing game, there’s no doubt that mobile devices are a major player in the world of browsing. It's time to change and we're here to help.

Get the Google approval awesome tick ASAP!

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