Where have we been and what have we been doing for the last 3 months? We've been flying flat out on a wide range of projects from print to online. Well, we've added a few more strings to our services, that could really help your business. From site upgrades, corporate spring-cleans e-newsletters, new blogging platforms, and of course more mobile firendly sites.

Here's the sort of projects we've been getting our teeth into recently:


  • Multi-language websites: Designed to change selected content and modules according to either a manually selected country or based on your local IP address allowing the combination of multiple country websites into one much more functional and deeper content online sales resource.
  • Mobile Friendly: Nearly all our clients have made the move to mobile friendly sites over the last year and will reap the benefits in a relatively short time. We're working on improving the sites and adding more functionality. It's a moving target, so we move with it.
  • Corporate Identity: We continue to develop new identites and logos as well as examining existing brands and giving them a 'spring clean'. It's amazing how some companies brands really need a lot of TLC.
  • Youtube: Production of simple but effective video using stills, music and voice over to showcase new industrial software products. The client loved our latest offering, especially as he didn't have to do the voice over!
  • Packaging: Despite the tight contraints of packaging design, it's still one of our favourite design challenges and it's a great feeling when the sales figures justify the effort made. We're chafing at the bit to get stuck into a few new design briefs coming up soon.
  • Print vs Online: While it's been our biggest period of traditional print, we've also been building more and more digital solutions for clients. Some of that includes Electronic Direct Mail (EDMs) which is still an effective media if used smartly and a simple way to engage with your customers. There's still a crazy perception out there that consumer can't can't wait to read the client's next newsletter and that it can be pages long without sending them to sleep.... oh dear, still a little work to do here.
  • FlyLife Magazine: The world's best fly fishing magazine reaches 80 editions. A fantastic milestone for this award winning magazine and we're proud to be on the team. This mag keeps getting better. Tight lines everyone!


For more information on the specifics of the above projects please use the enquiry form below or contact me directly.

Jeremy Price